Conference Events

Conference Events 

Keynote Speaker
Joe Peiser, Head of Commercial Risk, North America

"Make Better Decisions About Your Insurance Program, Market Conditions & Forecast"
A review of current and forecasted market conditions for Property, Casualty, D&O and Cyber Insurance, including insights from the July 1st treaty reinsurance season. A discussion of macro market trends and thoughts on how to optimize a corporate risk financing strategy.
Welcome Reception
Join us for our welcome reception on Tuesday, July 25th.

Wednesday Night - DJ Night 
This year's theme is Back to the 80's.
What do you remember from the 80's? Show off your 80's style! 

Thursday Night - Jill's Cashbox
Yes, the band is back for another evening of great entertainment.
This year's theme will be Rockin' Christmas! It's Christmas in July!

Friday Lunch/Closing Speaker
Don't miss out on the final day of the conference!
Steven S. Smith with Guardian Defense will present:

"Mass Casualties, Mitigate Risk: Why Your Active Shooter Response Plan Must Include an Option-Based Approach"

As your organization's safety leaders, we know the thought of an active shooter keeps you up at night. A thorough plan lets your team know you have their best interests in mind. Learn how an option-based approach to an active threat situation mitigates mass casualties and empowers your team to choose the best decision for themselves, and their dependents. Sleep peacefully at night with a risk-mitigated plan! Q&A to follow if time permits.