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You are cordially invited to participate in this year’s golf tournament. The tournament is a major fund raiser for the advancement of insurance education. The money raised funds internships for college students majoring in Risk Management, Safety and Insurance and the Spencer Education Foundation. The Spencer Foundation provides scholarships for students at major colleges across the nation.
The tournament will be on Monday September 10th, at Paradise Pointe Golf Complex in Smithville, MO. The registration form can be obtained by emailing me.
Thank you for your support!
BRIAN SNYDER, ARM,CRM,CIC| Risk Manager - Projects, Legal & Risk Management
Black & Veatch Corporation | 11401 Lamar Avenue, Overland Park, KS 66211
+1 913-458-9450 P | +1 913-458-9450 F | +1 913-963-9716 M |

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The Institute for Church Safety & Risk Management, LLC (ICSARM) is committed to assisting churches and para-church organizations in assessing their safety, security, insurance, and risk management exposures.

As a global leader in church risk management:
1. ICSARM serves its members and affiliates by providing timely and innovative general information, legal information, education, networking, legislative activity and advocacy as relates to the local church;
2. ICSARM seeks to identify Approved Service Providers (ASPs) to serve as affiliates to its mission and assist in meeting the needs of its members;
3. ICSARM promotes the integrity of our church risk management disciplines by attracting new and diverse members and ASPs, and encouraging strong and engaged state and local chapters;
4. ICSARM supports the integration of church risk management throughout a church or para-church organization;
5. ICSARM seeks to establish an internationally recognized education and certification program for church risk managers.

Examples of risks addresssed are: - Child Safety Policy - Protection from Assaults - 15-Passenger and Church Bus Safety & Risks - Church Volunteer Screening - Parking Lot Safety - Church Steeples as Cell Phone Towers - Church Finances - Counseling Risks - Church Arson Exposures - Dealing with Hymn Copyright Infringement - much, much more.

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To share ideas, best practices, and industry insights specific to the Credit Union industry.

The digital marketplace is rapidly defining a new medium for business, communication, collaboration, socializing and entertainment. The infrastructure and information flows through the value chains within the corporation and external to the corporation touch our employees, intermediaries, partners, suppliers, regulators, clients, prospects and even the greater community at large. Cyber-risk encompasses a plethora of new exposures or strengthened existing exposures by the rapidly evolving digital marketplace. Exampes of cyber-exposures range from the digital marketplace's impact on the company brand to lost business to poor customer service to lost or damaged information and infrastructure. The purpose of our cyber-risk group is to a) continue to flesh out our description and meaning, b) discuss potential and real losses to corporations from conducting business in the digital marketplace, c) discuss ways to minimize or transfer cyber-risks, d) identify insurers, reinsurers, brokers and others providing products and services to corporations wanting to minimize their cyber-risk exposures and e) idenitfy emerging technology aspects of the digital marketplace (such as smartphones, cloud computing, or other) that will introduce new cyber-risks.

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